【イベント】庄内VS 世界 Shonai vs The World:Part Oneが開催されます。






** English Below**


我々は今回、鶴岡にあるSpiberで研究者、科学者として働くDan Pedrazzoilを初のゲストスピーカーとして迎えることができました。エクアドル、グアラキル出身のダンは、6年間東京に暮らしたのち、2年前に庄内に越してきました。2014年末にSpiberが開発したblue dressを見てSpiberの一員となることを決意したのです。ダンはクモが大好きだったのです!


Yamagata Story believes that Yamagata has so much to offer the world, and the world so much to offer Yamagata. We wish to bring together the two, and to do that we have organised an event for anyone and everyone with an opinion on the place. We will have a guest speaker give a speech about living in Shonai/Yamagata, followed by a more intimate conversation in smaller groups, and ending with a big group discussion.

We’re proud to announce that our first guest speaker will be Dan Pedrazzoli from Guayaquil, Ecuador, a researcher/ scientist at Spiber in Tsuruoka. Dan has lived in Shonai for two years, after having lived in Tokyo for six. He moved here after seeing the blue dress developed by Spiber at the end of 2014, and decided to join because, well, he loves spiders!

So if you’re interested in having your say about goings on in Shonai/ Yamagata, come on down to the Lighthouse Incubation Center in Sakata for an evening of opinion exchange and help us make this place better for all!

The evening will look like this:

17:30 – Registration opens(受付開始)
18:00 – Opening greeting, short explanation of Yamagata Story(挨拶、山形ストーリーの簡単な紹介)
18:10 – Speaker introduction(発表者の紹介)
18:15 – Speaker presentation [Dan](今日の発表)
18:45 – Q&A session(質問タイム)
18:55 – Break(休憩)
19:00 – Discussion session explanation(座談会の説明)
19:05 – Group discussion(座談会)
19:20 – Groups share ideas(各グループの発表)
19:40 – Everyone talks(みんなで話すタイム)
20:00 – Closing(終わりの挨拶)